Terrace, B.C.’s Caledonia 2017 grads claim scholarships

Scholarships and bursaries will aid students in post-secondary studies

HERE’S a list of Caledonia 2017 grad scholarship and bursary recipients.


Armstrong Kin Club, Breanna De Sousa $800

Terrace &District Community Services Society, Joshua Evans $500 and Jag Kang $500

Nick Kollias, Cassidy Broughton $500

AFFNO, Tiana Devost $500

LNG Canada, Julian Burkett $2,500 and Michael Wraight $2,500


Grande Prairie Regional College, Cameron Golder $1,000

UNBC Rotary Club of Terrace Rotary Bursary, Mark Fisher $850

UNBC BCR Group of Companies, Susan Fleming $1,250

Northwest Community College, Tiana Devost $2,000 and Lexi Shinde Lexi Shinde $2,000

University of Victoria, Hayley Houlden $1,500, Hannah Bilash $2,000 and Ally Moldenhauer $2,500

McGill University, Zihan Zhao $3,000

University of Northern British Columbia Scholars, Marrick Zips $22,000 and Carter Durando $22,000


Twenty-one recipients to be confirmed in September with each winning $1,250 – Nathan Archer, Hannah Bilash, Julian Burkett, Tiana Devost, Mark Fisher, Susan Fleming, Karolane Gagnon, Cameron Golder, Briana Greer, Jalen Holland, Emma Kenmuir, Correina McNeice, Ally Moldenhauer, Brittany Peden, Shivohn Peters, Shaylynn Sampson, Amber Schulte, Lexi Shinde, Mya Siemens, Zihan Zhao and Marrick Zips

Provincial BC Excellence

Nominee, Shivohn Peters


Nathan Archer, Allan Cameron Memorial Trades Fund $500 and Nadine Turner – Hope for Vic-Tori $500

Ashton Archibald, MNP—Alan M. McAlpine Memorial $500

Emily Auckland, Angela M. Young Memorial Fund $500 and Skeena Cellulose Company Fund $500

Hannah Bilash, Hans and Eleanor Muehle Memorial Fund $2,500 and Steve Kietzmann $900

Julian Burkett Northwest Community College Trades Department $500

Colton Carrita, Tentanda Via $1,000

Spencer Champion, Nick Kollias $350 and Terrace Water Polo Association $500

Michael Demelo, Nick Kollias $500

Tiana Devost, Caledonia Parent Advisory Committee $1,000, Canadian Parents for French $650 and Les Watmough Memorial Fund $500

Carter Durando, Caledonia Endowment $2,600

Owen Farkvam, Nick Kollias $350 and Triton Environmental Consultants $500

Mark Fisher, Nadine Turner—Hope for Vic-Tori $500, Terrace Minor Hockey Association-Larry Swan Memorial $500 and Terrace Youth Soccer Association-Gyorgy (George) Bujtas Memorial $750

Susan Fleming, Sound Capital $1,000 and Terrace Community Band $1,000

Gillian Frank, Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 2012, City of Terrace Employees $300, Northwest Education 88 Foundation-Harold Cox Commemorative $450 and Terrace &District Credit Union Legacy Fund $1,000

Karolane Gagnon, Kinsmen Club—Richard McDaniel Memorial $750

Dylan Georges, CityWest $750 and The Grit—Shannon Murdoch Memorial Fund $500

Cameron Golder, Rio Tinto Alcan $1,000

Briana Greer, Skeena Diversity $500 and Vanderhoof &District Co-operative Association $800

Jalen Holland, Kinsmen Club—Dr. Victor Hawes Memorial $750, Skeena Valley Rotary Club—Renaud Fontaine Memorial, $500 and Terrace Youth Basketball Association $500

Hayley Houlden, Terrace &District Community Services Society $500 and West Fraser—Walter Yeo Memorial $450

Morgan Irwin, Harris $200 and Northern Savings Credit Union—George Viereck Memorial $1000

Sarah Jepsen-Dooley, Terrace &District Arts Council $1,000

Bronwen Juergensen, Mamie Eva Emily Kerby Memorial Fund $250 and Northern Savings Insurance &Westland Insurance-Terrace Insurance Brokers $500

Emma Kenmuir, Caledonia Athletics $500, Caledonia Parent Advisory Committee $1,000, Hans and Eleanor Muehle Memorial Fund $350 and Malo Family $1,000

Dominick Koncek, Kinsmen Club—Laura Lee Memorial $500

Correina McNeice, Clarence Michiel Memorial Fund $300 and Kitsumkalum Farmers Institute Legacy Fund $500

Tori Milhomens, City of Terrace—Freemen $500 and Vijaya Hedberg $400

Ally Moldenhauer Dudley Little Memorial Fund $200 and Terrace Medical Society $1,500

Brianna Ouellet, Terrace &District Community Services Society $500

Cassidy Pavao, Caledonia Parent Advisory Committee $500 and Marilyn and Andy Brodie Fund $500

Brittany Peden, Terrace Youth Soccer Association—Gyorgy (George) Bujtas Memorial and Thornhill Firefighters Association $500

Shivohn Peters, Rotary Club of Terrace $3,000

Shayne Prins, Terrace District Teachers Union $1,500 and Barb Shannon—Tom Mack Memorial $500

Jennifer Rempel, Denise Evanoff—Duane Evanoff Memorial $500 and Kinsmen Club—Gordon Coulter Memorial $500

Clayton Rose, Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 2012, City of Terrace Employees $300 and Terrace Timbermen Oldtimers Hockey $750

Shaylynn Sampson, Skeena Valley Rotary Club $500 and Terrace Downtown Lions Club Fund $500

Amber Schulte, Colleen Froese—Emil and Mary Froese Memorial $500, Frank Morris Memorial Fund $300 and Rick Chan $1,000

Jordan Scott, Northwest Education 88 Foundation —John and Ellen Bastin Memorial $450 and Royal Bank $500

Lexi Shinde, Darshan Singh More Memorial Fund $500, R. E. (Bob) Sheridan Memorial Fund $250 and Terrace District Teachers Union $1,200

Mya Siemens, Junior and Mags Gingles $1,000, Nick Kollias $500, RCMP $265 and Terrace Bar Association $750

Harminder Takhar, Old Age Pensioners Organization $600 and Terrace Blueback Swim Club $300

Kieron Vick, Mt. Remo Backcountry Society $500

Conor Watt, Isabel Johnston—Richard and Paul King Memorial $500

Michael Wraight, Northwest Community College Trades Department $500 and Terrace District Teachers Union $300

Zihan Zhao, Caledonia Parent Advisory Committee $500 and Terrace Medical Society $1,500

Marrick Zips, Caledonia Parent Advisory Committee $500, Horizon Dental $1,500, Nick Kollias $350 and Pita Pit $500


Christine McCarron holds her little sister Katelynne while they wait for the grad ceremony to start June 23. Jackie Lieuwen photo

Mom Krystyna Piper fixes the sash for her graduating son Xzavyyr Piper outside of the REM Lee Theatre before the ceremony. Jackie Lieuwen photo