Ecole Mountainview Grade 6 students Julia Yoo

Student artwork sale proceeds help other young people

Ecole Mountainview Grade 5/6 students painted the abstract works that are now on display at local coffee shop

Ecole Mountainview students are giving back to other young people with an art show and sale for three days only.

Julie Fortin-Koga’s Grade 5/6 class painted abstract designs on different sized canvases and are selling them with the money going to Plan Canada.

The sale is on at Cafenara and is only on for Dec. 11 to 13.

Any paintings not sold by the end of the day Saturday will be kept by the artists themselves as a reminder of the experience, said Fortin-Koga.

Students named, signed and chose an amount to sell their artwork for and as they were being hung up the evening of Dec. 10, one had already sold, a brightly coloured piece called Eclipse by Grade 6 artist Ann Z.

There’s another 29 works to choose from, including those from Fortin-Koga, principal Maxine Champion and a school assistant.