Rory Cote

Skills Canada regional winners named

Students in secondary and post-secondary competed in carpentry, automotive, culinary and other trades categories

The Skills Canada Northwest BC Regional Skills Competition named its winners in the secondary and post-secondary categories March 7.

Secondary (High School & ACE IT)

Welding: 1st Brodie Soares, 2nd Dale Hagen, 3rd Ethan Bruce

Carpentry: 1st Philip Lipka, 2nd Colton Brown

Automotive: 1st Nico Palumbo, 2nd Sam Christiansen, 3rd Jesse Forsyth

Culinary: 1st Chris Bishop, 2nd Keanan Highe, 3rd Johan Heder

No Electrical Wiring Competition for Secondary Level



Culinary: 1st Sandeep Johal, 2nd Nakita Stevens, 3rd Justin Ryan

Carpentry: 1st Jesse Bork

Automotive: 1st Duncan McPhedran, 2nd Riley Pombert, 3rd Catharine Lamarche

Electrical Wiring: 1st Cody Robinson

No Welding competition for Post-secondary level