4-H club members will show their animals at the fall fair next month.

Skeena Valley Fall Fair returns

It's a new Skeena Valley Fall Fair here in September thanks to those who missed it during its five year absence.

It’s a new Skeena Valley Fall Fair here thanks to those who missed it during its five year absence.

The Skeena Valley Fall Fair Society, which is coming back in full force, has revamped the fair with some new ideas and is asking different groups to plan activities for the weekend of Sept. 8 and 9.

“When it failed, I remember I was in another job and I was asked to participate and said no. And now, hindsight is 20/20, I think I could have participated and I’m not the only person who felt that way,” said Jennifer Lewis, a director of the society.

First off, the date has been changed to the weekend after Labour Day Weekend and the structure is also different, she said.

The society has asked different groups if they want to participate in the fall fair on that particular weekend and if so, to plan an event, said Lewis.

It also involves asking them to provide some volunteers, she said.

By resurrecting the former society, a 37-year-old non-profit with a five year hiatus, the society has access to grant money that a new society would have to wait three years to apply for, she added.

Exhibition categories have been cut down, which was advice from former society members.

Another suggestion was to have more children’s events, which have been added too, such as best scarecrow contest, smallest and largest vegetable creation, and best Lego creation, said Lewis.

And there’s plans for a contest for children to pick the items that would go into a basket that Little Red Riding Hood would take to grandma’s house, she added.

That comes in addition to traditional contests like best canned vegetables and dried flowers. And the St. Matthew’s Anglican Church ladies will be back to sell their pies.

The Backyard Enthusiasts are holding a petting zoo for the two days too.

The 4-H Club returns with the judging of its animals on Saturday and the prize winning critters will be on display on Sunday. There are no open classes for animals this year and anyone who would like to see open classes is asked to join 4-H, which has the expertise on that.

“So we’re coming back small. We’re just coming back and saying ‘this is what we miss,’” said Lewis, adding if people want a bigger fair next year, they can come join the society.

New this year, people can enter the fair online as vendors, volunteers, or participants.

People who would like to join the fall fair society or help out can contact the society or Volunteer Terrace.

In particular, the society is looking for someone to be in charge of the volunteers, preferably someone who’s been involved with fall fair before.

Or check out the Skeena Valley Fall Fair on Facebook or skeenavalleyfallfair.com.