Several scouts and leaders enjoying the campfire

Scouts love Spatsizi adventure

Six-day adventure sees scouts and ventures fly into wilderness to see scenery, hike and learn more about themselves

By Chelsey Loset and Briana Greer

Late last month, the Terrace Scout Troop, consisting of 19 scouts (ages 10 to 16, 12 boys and seven girls) and five leaders, went for a six-day adventure to the Spatsizi Wilderness Park, north of Terrace.

While on the trip, scouts were asked to a “journal,” and to write something down each night about what they had done that day.

The following is the trip from the kids’ eyes.

On the first day, the troop travelled 480 km north as a caravan to Tattoga Lake, where they had dinner at the resort on the lake, and spent the first night in tents, while every scout was anxious to see Spatsizi with their own eyes, as pictures could never do it justice.

The second day, the first plane of six left at 8 a.m. The float plane the group chartered could only take four people at once, so it was a long day of flying and moving things into camp at Cold Fish Lake, where the group camped in Spatsizi.

“I liked the plane ride into Cold Fish Lake, the scenery was amazing and it felt [like] a roller coaster,” said Tim Zettler.

After a day of flying and settling in by the lake, everyone ate and went to sleep, excited for what the next day would bring.

The third day was the first hike of four: Danihue Pass. The trail started at the west end of the lake.

“Today, I hiked Danihue Pass. I liked seeing all of the phenomenal views. Seeing the goats, caribou, and bears up on the mountains was also very neat. I wish pictures could show how gorgeous it is here…Or how much my feet hurt,” said Tanisha Salter.

The hike was a great experience, and everyone wondered what the next one would be like.

Day four started bright early, with some scouts and leaders jumping into the lake (temperature: 13 C or 55 F). What a wake-up call! Most of the leaders and scouts did this every morning.

The hike for that day was Airplane Valley, just on the other side of the mountain of Danihue Pass. The trail led up to an ecological reserve, where no one was allowed to camp, fish, hunt, or harm that area in any way.

“Today, we hiked up Airplane Valley. It was gorgeous! We walked up the mountain to the waterfall. It was amazing! There were also a lot of really cool rocks,” wrote Aurora Peden wrote from her experience.

The next day brought on the toughest hike of the week: the Spatsizi Plateau trail. The hike was short, but very steep, and not everyone could do it, so five people stayed behind.

“Today, we hiked up to the Spatsizi Plateau. When we were at the top, we were at 6,440 ft! The view was absolutely stupendous, and I felt as though I was on top of the world. Other than the soreness which I’ll feel later, which will only last a while, the beauty from up on that mountain top, will last forever in my mind, and will be something I’ll never forget,” said Chelsey Loset.

Every scout that went up to the plateau, agreed it was the best hike of the week, and the most tiring.

The last full day at Spatsizi, the group decided to go fishing at the far end of the lake. Lots of the scouts were excited about this hike, because most of them loved to fish.

“Today, we went on a three-hour hike to the other side of the lake. I enjoyed trying to catch a fish,” said young scout Olivia F. As did many other scouts.

After hiking back to camp, the cleanup started. Everyone chipped in, and it went by fast.

The next and final day of the trip, all the scouts felt as though the week went by fast. Some wanted to stay longer, others wanted to see their families and sleep in their own bed, but everyone agreed that this was a trip of a lifetime.

“Overall, this is the best scouting event I’ve ever been to, or even the best trip that I’ve been on! Being in scouting has brought me to lots of different places that I would’ve never been to, or thought of going to. The best part, we all get really close, and it feels like one big family. We may be annoyed, angry, or fight with one another occasionally, but at the end of the day, we all love each other. I’d recommend to anyone that’s outdoorsy and adventurous to go to Spatsizi. One day, I’d love to come back here and even when I have children bring them here, as well and share the memories that I had with the scouts here. Scouts is one of the best parts of my childhood and even as I grow older, it’s still the best part. The Scouting movement has made such a big impact on my life and I’m very grateful. Nothing could ever replace the memories that I’ve had with this group,” said Briana Greer about the overall trip.

The person who had the idea for this trip was RCMP member and scout leader Mike Dame, and without him, none of these kids would have had this experience.

A huge thank-you to him from all the leaders, scouts, and ventures that went.