Majors Warrick and Lucy Pilgrim are newly appointed to the Salvation Army here after Majors Dave and Rosa Moulton retired from the army at the end of June.

Sally Ann welcomes new majors

Majors Warrick and Lucy Pilgrim started their positions here in July

The Salvation Army here welcomes new majors to lead it.

Majors Warrick and Lucy Pilgrim started their positions here in July, taking over for Majors Dave and Rosa Moulton, who retired at the end of June. “We’re old but brand new here, recycled,” said Lucy.

The Pilgrims came here from London, Ontario and are loving it.

“We’re overwhelmed really with the generosity of the community with volunteers and donations,” said Lucy.

“It’s a real credit to the community spirit,” said Warrick.

He noted noting that they have seen communities who help out with donations and volunteering but it’s “so amazing” here.

And the friendliness of people here has made an impression too.

It’s as if the people you meet are ones you’ve known forever, said Lucy.

Until two years ago, they had never been west of Ontario, but two years ago filled in up in Grande Prairie, Alberta for a while before heading back east.

The couple has been with the Salvation Army for about 50 years, starting with the Sally Ann when they went to college in Newfoundland in the mid-1960s and then were commissioned, which means ordained, into the Sally Ann.

They retired six years ago, but offered to help out when needed.

Warrick and Lucy have four children and eight grandchildren and a new grandchild on the way.

People often wonder why they wear their uniforms around so much, but Lucy says they’re “old school” and have worn it for so many years, they feel comfortable in the uniform, like how other people have clothing they feel most comfortable in.

Plus the clothes help identify them to the public.

A man once came up to Lucy and put his arm around here and started taking to her, something he wouldn’t have done if she wasn’t wearing the uniform, she said.

“People know the army that way: [that] we’re here to help,” she said.

Warrick intends to go fishing here, saying he fished some back in Newfoundland but has never seen such huge fish as he did at the recent fishing derby.

They love the beauty of the area and plan to travel out to see Prince Rupert soon.