Nisgaa/RCMP artwork unveiled

ARTWORK SYMBOLIZING the growth of the relationship between the police force and the Nisga’a Nation has been unveiled.


AN UNVEILING ceremony Oct. 12 at the Lisims/Nass Valley RCMP detachment in New Aiyansh featured artwork symbolizing the growth of the relationship between the police force and the Nisga’a Nation.

“It was a great event,” said Lisims/Nass Valley detachment commanding officer Sergeant Donovan Tait of the introduction of the artwork created by Brad Percival.

The artwork has been described as a  “unique fusion of the RCMP crest incorporating our Nisga’a symbols based

on the principle of Sayt-K’ilim-Goot (Working Together in Unity).”

In a briefing given to Nisga’a Lisims Government officials last month, Tait spoke of the artwork’s practical and symbolic importance.

“Demystifying our building, our officers and our intentions in the work that we do is a crucial step towards a fully integrated police service for the Nation,” said Tait.

“We are your partners, your neighbours and your friends. By culturally formalizing our relationship publicly for all to see, it is hoped that this modest event will demonstrate the RCMP’s commitment to the Nisga’a Nation in many capacities.

“This artwork will act as a reminder to all who visit and work in our building of our willingness to  communicate and cooperate as we—RCMP and Nisga’a Nation — move forward together in unity,” Tait added in his explanation to Lisims government officials.