New eyes for Wolfie

I AM a very recent convert to the idea of falling in love at first sight.


By Michelle Cooper

I AM a very recent convert to the idea of falling in love at first sight.

As a matter of fact, until 3 o’clock this afternoon I would have been one of the first to scoff at the idea.

But, not any more.

I am, officially, in love.

Trouble is the object of my affections is only eight inches tall.

He’s also black, fluffy, and has the biggest brown feet you’ve ever seen on anyone so small.

His name is Wolfie and he and his mom and brother live in the Terrace Animal Shelter.

He was born there on September 19th and he is totally blind.

Wolfie is part Terrier and part who-knows-what and is the meeter-and-greeter at the front door of the shelter.

He has, apparently, bumped into every wall, cabinet, door frame, and piece of furniture at least once in the past four months but is now amazingly adept at navigating the place without mishap.

He is, and this is coming from a lifelong cat person, the cutest little guy I’ve ever met.

And, he needs our help.

Dr. Nagy, Terrace’s very own eye specialist, and Dr. Farkvam, one of Terrace’s very fine vets, are poised to give Wolfie a new lease on life and light by performing eye surgery.

The first procedure is scheduled for March 10th.

The second one will follow as soon as Wolfie’s recovery and health allows.

Each eye will cost $1,500 even with both doctors donating much of their time and all of their expertise.

Following the procedure Wolfie will, hopefully, be able to venture much further afield without those pesky walls and furniture getting in his way.

Karen MacDonald and Linda Lee are two others who have recently fallen under the spell of Wolfie’s silky, clumsy charms.

Linda describes meeting the pup a “magical moment” in her life.

The two local women have made it a priority to help raise money for his new eyes.

Many of us are pet owners (or are owned by pets) and know what it means to love an animal.

Please send some love to Wolfie by making a donation to City of Terrace Animal Shelter.

You can send a general donation to their Injured Animal Fund or earmark it specifically for Wolfie.

You can also go down and meet him – he’ll be the one wagging his tail and sniffing your boots when you come through the door.