Make your pennies count for those in need

Transition House is looking to increase its inadequate food budget

KSAN HOUSE Society has launched its Food Budget Penny Drive to help feed the people who stay at its Transition House.

Transition House has not had an increase to its food budget for more than 10 years, says Marianne Brorup Weston, community connector for Ksan House.

“Back then it was barely enough to feed everyone – in 2012 it doesn’t even come close,” she says.

“We feed 16 women and children every day – most nights we have to limit portions.”

Transition House here is the busiest one in the province; last year, 585 individuals stayed there, says Brorup Weston.

“A lonely penny can’t do much, but together pennies can do great things! Will you bring us your pennies? Volunteers will count them and roll them and put every single penny into the food budget,” she says.

Pennies can be dropped off at the Ksan House Society office at 4838 Lazelle. Ave.