Lost Christmas photos returned

A SET of lost photos has found its way to the intended recipient.

EVELYN BAXTER takes a look at Christmas photos that she almost didn’t receive when they went to the wrong person last month.

A SET of lost photos has been reunited with the intended recipient.

Three photos delivered to Catherine Baxter by mistake last month were claimed by Claire Irwin, who says they belong to her mother Evelyn Baxter.

Evelyn lives with her daughter.

“The story behind it is they (photos) came from Calgary and my nephew and his wife sent the pictures in an envelope attached to an envelope to me, which I never received,” she said.

“The envelope was addressed. It was my address but I never received that envelope. It got lost in the mail somewhere.”

The photos were in an envelope that had the words “Gramma Baxter” written on it, then that envelope was put in another envelope with Irwin’s address, the return address and postage but somehow the addressed envelope got lost.

The envelope with the photos in it was found by someone and delivered to Catherine Baxter.

She opened them, saw right away they weren’t meant for her and held onto them so the rightful recipient could get them as they are beautiful, professionally done pictures.

Catherine contacted the Terrace Standard to get out the word out about them as she knew someone was waiting for these photos and would miss getting them.

And she was right.

Claire said they were expecting to receive the photos that come every year but, when they never came, she assumed her nephew and his wife hadn’t had the time to get pictures done this year.

“I opened up the newspaper at work and recognized the pictures right away,” said Claire about seeing the photo and story about the lost pictures in the Standard.

She picked them up two days before Christmas.

“It was very exciting too and I have to compliment that Catherine Baxter to send them over. That’s nice of her to go to that length,” said Irwin.

Evelyn was really happy to receive the photos, she added.

“It was lovely and the fact it was addressed ‘Gramma Baxter’ and someone knew a Baxter [is amazing],” she added.