Local vice principal Dave Crawley is ready to retire.

Local vice principal ready to retire

Long-time educator Dave Crawley is wrapping up 35 years of service for the Coast Mountains school district this spring.

LONG-TIME educator Dave Crawley is wrapping up 35 years of service for the Coast Mountains school district this spring.

Crawley is currently the vice principal at Skeena Junior Secondary School and explained the decision to retire is one he has been mulling over for a few years.

Crawley said, in the end, he chose this year as his last because of the changes in store for Terrace’s schools next year.

Through these changes Skeena is slated to become a middle school and will accommodate Grade 7 – 9 students.

Crawley would like to see a vice principal in the position who will be able to see the transition through from start to finish — a transition that Crawley said will be really exciting and a lot of work.

Throughout his career he has worked as a teacher, administrator, counselor and as a long-time basketball coach.

“I really enjoyed every aspect of my career,” Crawley said, adding he feels lucky for all of the different opportunities he has had.

Crawley took his first teaching position 35 years ago when he taught social studies and English at Thornhill Junior Secondary school.

And while fresh out of school, administrative work wasn’t something Crawley thought the would end up in, he has spent most of his career as either a principal or vice principal.

From there he went on to become principal at Copper Mountain, Clarence Michiel and Uplands elementary school’s.

Crawley decided to take the vice principal position at Skeena because he wanted to return to working with secondary school students, something he says has always  been very enjoyable to him.

“You affect the climate in a school,” Crawley said, explaining you can be a part of creating an atmosphere of positivity and respect.

When asked what he enjoyed most about his career in this district Crawley said it was the kid’s.

“Simply put, that it’s the lifeblood, it’s the part that gets you up every day and gets you here.”

For now Crawley plans to take a break to enjoy his retirement, possibly traveling, camping and hitting a few rounds of golf.

But he said he will not be dropping off the map.

“I’m hoping to get involved in some other aspect of education as well at some point,” he said, saying that could be teacher education or some kind of consultation work.

He is also considering returning to the courts and taking on another basketball coaching position.

“I have really enjoyed being in this business and working with kids,” Crawley said.

“I think it’s a wonderful profession and I have really really appreciated being able to do this for as many years as I have.”