Tony Moore, middle, receives his community-building award from BC Achievement Foundation board member Robert Louie and the Honourable Judith Guichon, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, at a recent ceremony in Victoria.

Local trail builder recognized with provincial achievement award

Tony Moore gets BC Achievement Award for trail building in the Terrace area

A TERRACE trailblazer was honoured with a BC Community Achievement Award for the hours he’s poured into building trails around Terrace.

Tony Moore is a dedicated member of Terrace Offroad Cycling Association (TORCA) and has been involved in the design, construction and maintenance of dozens of trails on Terrace Mountain.

“Tony has put 1,000s of hours into designing, building and maintaining those trails,” said Terrace’s Bruce Martindale, who nominated Moore for the award.

“His design work and solid engineering has created a recreational legacy that will be here 100 years from now.”

Martindale said the Terrace Mountain and Steinhoe Ridge trail network stretched only eight kilometres 12 years ago, but now there are almost 35 kilometres of smooth, well-maintained trails between Johnstone Street North and Spring Creek. Moore was a big part of that.

He was one of 21 B.C. residents to receive the award in a ceremony April 26 at Government House in Victoria. It recognizes and celebrates “the spirit, imagination, dedication and contribution of British Columbians in their communities.”

Moore said he was surprised and humbled by the award.

“I was taken aback. I wasn’t expecting anything like that,” he said. “It made me feel kind of proud… and then humbled (at the awards ceremony) while I was there.”

Building and designing trail is simply something he enjoys, he said about the reason behind all his work.

“I do it for fun. I enjoy the building, and I do it so me and my friends have a place to ride,” he laughed.

The community award highlights that Moore was not only key in building and maintaining dozens of trails, but he also crafted most designs and pursued funding for the projects.

“In 2010, he consolidated all design input and funding for Steinhoe Ridge and helped build the trail as a volunteer and later as the supervisor of construction,” said a press release on the award.

“Tony is responsible for the complexity and quality of the Terrace trail network – parts of which he walks almost daily to identify and resolve problem areas.”

His trail work started more than 15 years ago, and the results continue to be enjoyed by hundreds of hikers, runners and bikers in and around Terrace.


Tony Moore works on the Downtube trail in October 2015, a project he largely led which added 2.2 kilometres to the Terrace Mountain trail network.