Local grad helps all girls get ‘magic night’ at prom

GIRLS WHO can't afford prom dresses this year have a fairy godmother.

AMY SPENCER will wear a garbage bag to prom if she raises $1

GIRLS WHO can’t afford prom dresses this year have a fairy godmother.

Amy Spencer, who graduates from Caledonia this year, decided at last year’s prom that it wasn’t fair for girls who couldn’t afford a fancy prom dress.

“I didn’t like all the girls trying to outdo each other. You’re just here to enjoy yourself. It wasn’t fair to other girls who wouldn’t go because they can’t afford their prom dress,” she said, adding she also wanted to raise awareness about this.

So she’s put it out there that she wants to raise $1,000 for the Cinderella Project, a charity in the Lower Mainland that gives less fortunate girls used prom dresses so they can go to prom with their friends.

If she raises that amount, she intends to wear a garbage bag to prom.

Spencer says she didn’t know if there was anything like the project up here but has found out there is someone who gives dresses to girls who can’t afford prom dresses.

“If I raise more than $1,000, then the rest of the money can go here so it stays in town. It pushes people to donate more,” she said, adding she does know of several girls here who can’t afford prom dresses.

In the first three days, she has already raised more than $100, she said.

“That’s good because I was ‘it’s been three days and it’s over $150,’ I was like ‘wow cool,’” she said.

She will be putting posters of the project around town and in the schools too.

And she’s already planning on what colour of garbage bag to wear, which is her own idea and not part of the project down south.

“I don’t know,” she said about whether it would be green, orange, black or white.

“There’s so many colours. Maybe I’ll just get one of those Halloween ones with those faces on it.”

Direct donations can be made at Northern Savings Credit Union to “Amy’s Cinderella Fund.” Cheques can be made out to Amy’s Cinderella Fund.