Local filmmakers nominated for award

TWO LOCALS are up for an award for their independent film.

TWO LOCALS are up for an award for their independent film.

Martin Loggin and Arjunna Miyagawa are nominated in the Aboriginal Storytelling category for the film Race Club at the 17th annual EyeLens Film, Video and Animation Festival.

The pair made the film last year during a two-week intensive film workshop at the Gulf Islands Film and Television School.

“I have a passion for film and thought maybe it would be a nice opportunity to get behind the camera,” said Miyagawa.

He and Loggin went to the film school with two students from the ‘Na Aksa Gila Kyew Learning Centre, Corey Bolton and Damian Bohn.

“They helped us with summer science camp and showed very promising signs of being leaders and role models and we thought it might be a very nice personal building experience for them to take this course,” said Miyagawa, who does communications and helps out at the learning centre, about why the two students went with them.

Their film is a spoof on a young person finding his way in society and a takeoff of Hollywood films Fight Club and The Fast and Furious.

“Damian and Corey helped out with some acting and some [of the] script,” said Miyagawa, adding that everyone helped out each other.

The learning centre has a film and drama TV course and this film workshop was a way for him to get some training in film.

“It was a really good experience and, as far as going with young students from Kitsumkalum, it just felt like a really nice opportunity to get to know these individuals and let them see what the world of film is like and hopefully it becomes a passion for them,” said Miyagawa, adding that Bolton and Bohn did show a passion for scripting and storytelling.

He added that the learning centre and Kitsumkalum Treaty Office helped pay for the experience and got a lot of support from Colleen Austin and Kitsumkalum.