Local band releases first video

King Crow and the Ladies from Hell go full speed ahead toward the release of their first full-length album with the debut of video

King Crow and the Ladies from Hell reached another milestone with the release of their first music video late last week.

The band has built a reputation for its northern mix of working class lyric themes with Celtic, folk and gypsy punk dabbled with notes of the ethereal provided through flute.

“The song is about working hard. You’ve been trudging through this long work period and you see light at the end but you don’t get to enjoy it. You just work your whole life away,” said video director Talon Gillis of the main theme at the time of filming.

The idea of the oppression from too much work led to Gillis’s artistic vision of zombie-like workers rocking out at a sawmill.

Gillis’s previous experience making images in the north includes photography, filming of snowboarding and video shorts.

The band’s first full-length album is slated to come out this spring and a show is planned for its release, with the album coming out afterward.

In the meantime, fans can look forward to their next scheduled show, opening for Chic Gamine at the REM Lee Theatre March 7. The video can be viewed on the band’s website.