How do you pronounce ‘Gruchy’s?’

People are looking for an definitive answer of whether it's Gruh-chy’s or Grouch-y’s or something else

Here is a question that came up recently: How do you pronounce Gruchy’s Beach? Gruh-chy’s or Grouch-y’s or something else?

The Terrace Standard asked this on our Facebook page and received 39 comments. Opinion was heavily weighted toward Grouch-y’s with 26 comments compared to Gruh-chy’s with five comments.

One person said she sometimes called it one name and sometimes said the other one.

Several people provided versions of the story of how it was named or gave their own comments that differed from other responses.

Here are some of the comments:

“I was told by parks that it is technically ‘Gruchy’s’ but locals have always called it ‘Grouchy’s.’ I was also told by my family it was a man’s name.”

“I think the ‘old-timers’ that have lived here for 30+ years like myself call it Grouchy’s. Newcomers call it (like it may have been intended) as gru-chy’s.”

“From Carol Stephens Barg: Gruchy’s Beach was named after Edward Ansell Gruchy, born Aug. 9, 1886 including his twin sister Jane Brine Gruchy at D’Escousse Cape Breton Nova Scotia, both baptized Sept. 25, 1886.

“Parents were John Philip Gruchy and Henrietta Helen (nee Weeks) re Sydney Cape Breton Nova Scotia.

“Edward Gruchy died [at] age 26 in hospital in New Westminster B.C.; his mother died in Vancouver in 1917.

“Edward, age 22, pre-empted acreage at Lakelse Lake in 1908…..I too always thought it was Grouchy’s, until I googled and found info., including that of local historian Mr. Gent.

“Think I’ll be doing some research re: family name Weeks, possibility of a connection with a past pioneer ‘Dad Weeks’ who I believe also originated from Nova Scotia.”

This was posted on the Terrace, BC and Surrounding Area group by Michelle Harris Frawley in response to this question… …”quote from The History of Terrace (Nadine Asante): ‘Grouchie (common usage is Gruchy) lived at Gruchy’s Beach, a very popular resort in the old days’ – First settler Edward A. Gruchy, then land deeded to John Philip Gruchy after Edward died. (this from Ted Johnston – Memoirs Life with Terrace Area Pioneers).”

“I always refer to it as “Satan’s Retreat” because of the blasphemous behaviour of the youth. Despicable.”

“I work there. It’s Gruchy’s!… but being new to the area (From Hazeltons), I’ve learned that people here all think it’s called Grouchy’s. This was slightly confusing to me when work started and so the topic came up and it is in fact Gruchy’s.”