Hobiyee celebrates Nisga'a New Year in Gingolx March 13 and 14. Here are Suwilaawks Community School students performing for the school's Hobiyee celebration in 2014.

Hobiyee honours grandmothers and all they do

Elder Chester Moore suggests theme for Hobiyee, postponed to March 13 and 14 due to several deaths in the community earlier this year

Hobiyee 2015 honours the importance of grandmothers as its theme, suggested by an elder.

Each Community that hosts Hobiyee chooses a theme and this year one of our elders, Chester Moore, was the one who suggested that we use the theme “honouring our grandmothers” because he wanted to acknowledge all grandmothers past and future as they are the ones who have taught each one of us how to harvest our seafoods and other foods and they are the backbone to the people,” said Arlene Lincoln, one of the event organizers.

Grandmothers not only teach the ways of harvesting our foods but also play a big role in taking care of the grandchildren when the parents aren’t able to, she added.

Plus in the culture, people follow the maternal lineage line, which means whatever clan your mother is, that is the clan you fall under.

For instance, my mother is in the Ganada (Frog) clan so my brothers and sisters are all Ganadas,” she said.

Hobiyee was postponed from its usual February dates due to several deaths in the community and rescheduled for this weekend, March 13 and 14 at the Gingolx Memorial Centre.

During the celebration, cultural dancers will be doing a new song that represents the grandmothers and all the grandmothers will march around the hall with their grandchildren, said Lincoln.

So this year it is a bit different and will probably be emotional for some that will think of our past mothers/grandmothers,” she added.

For more details about Hobiyee, contact Christine at christine.barton@gingolx.net or Arlene at arle_linc@yahoo.ca.