Green thumbs take advantage of weather

FLOWERS ARE blooming all over the city thanks to the sunny weather lately.

WAYNE MOI shows off some of the results of his green thumb and hard work on his front lawn on the Bench.

GARDENERS ARE taking full advantage of the sunny weather the city and area has received in the last couple of weeks.

And the lawns and flowers on peoples’ residences are drinking up all the sunshine they can get, helping to beautify the city and region.

Up on the Bench, Wayne Moi is the green thumb of his household, planting flowers in as much space as he has, bright colour after bright colour that he says he planted without any planning on which colour goes where.

And there’s more he’d like to do by his house, meaning the available soil won’t be bare for long.

Take a drive around the city to see residences with their flowers and manicured lawns proudly displayed.