GIrls make point about judging others

A CLASS of Grade 9/10 girls went without makeup and doing their hair to make a point about girls bullying others about their appearance.

THIS GRADE 9/10 class at Skeena Junior went without makeup or doing their hair on See Me 4 Me day

A CLASS of Grade 9/10 girls took a day off wearing makeup and doing their hair to make a point about girls bullying others about their appearance.

See Me 4 Me was organized and planned by Tanya Corstanje’s Inquiry class of students, all girls, who had discussed being bullied in certain grades.

They decided to go without makeup, to just wash their hair and “finger comb” it only and to wear sweat pants and sweaters.

“I can bet no other class with this many women is brave enough to walk through the day [without makeup],” said Corstanje.

Cassie Batjer said she felt more comfortable that day because her body could breathe.

Positive comments came from parents and some students while others were negative or just plain surprised.

“A lot of my friends say they didn’t recognize me,” said Shania McKay.

“[Or] ‘oh my god, you’re not wearing makeup. You look so different.’”

A few boys had opinions about the girls’ new look.

‘Why are you dressed like poop? There’s no reason to not do your hair. We all have to look at you,” said Batjer about what one boy said, adding he used a different word than ‘poop.’

McKay said her step-brother could be mean but that day, he said he liked how she looked.

Corstanje said that other people should see the beautiful girls she sees when she looks at them and then there wouldn’t be bullying over wearing makeup and doing their hair.

“You guys have gifts. You just need to know how to give them or have someone else point them out,” said Corstanje.

Other girls who commented negatively may not feel comfortable taking their makeup off.

“People judge on the basis of looks. It’s insecurity,” said  Corstanje.

“A month ago you would’ve been insulted [if someone made a negative comment about you], now you can say it’s not my ignorance and insecurity [it’s theirs].”

Now the question is whether the girls can come to school with makeup and feel secure and not judge anyone else, she added.

“When you feel bullied, when you feel someone is looking at you, you’ve got a secure day you can go back to,” she said, referring to  See Me 4 Me day.