Girls learn never to lose a fight

Personal safety tips taught to girls so if a person attacks them, they can get away and stay alive.

LAVERNE BARTON gets some tips on self-defence from Terrace RCMP community policing Const. Angela Rabut at the Ksan House Society personal safety workshop for girls yesterday.

ABOUT A dozen girls learned personal safety tips from an RCMP officer at Ksan House Society’s workshop to celebrate the first United Nations’ International Day of the Girl yesterday.

That included promising they’d never lose a fight if someone attacked them, but didn’t include fighting with friends or siblings.

Terrace RCMP community policing officer Const. Angela Rabut told the girls that when officers are in training, they are told never to lose a fight.

If an officer loses a fight and dies, then that officer can’t help the public anymore, she said.

She talked about the sensitive parts of the body and how to use that information to get away from an attacker, then the girls practised on each other.

If you need help, call the police, Rabut told the girls. Don’t think that it’s not important enough to tell police if you’re attacked, she said.

The workshop also included confidence and self-esteem building exercises, fun content and dinner at Ksan Place.