George Hamer recently returned to Terrace to visit. He lived here for 88 years.

George Hamer returns to Terrace for a visit

By Yvonne Moen

DID you ever wonder who Hamer Avenue was named for?

George Hamer and his brother Bob owned a five-acre parcel of land from Eby to Sparks Street, subdivided it, put the road in, sold lots for $250 and the name Hamer Avenue came about.

Just recently, George came back to visit old time friends to reminisce on the good years of his life in Terrace.

He is now living in retirement in Kelowna near family.

George said he had a wonderful life in Terrace – curling, life member of the Elks Club, and many wonderful friends.

Retirement years were spending many hours in his shed making gifts for family and friends.

The Hamer family came to Terrace in 1913, a family of seven children: Ken, Bob, Ted, George, Harry, Alice and Emma.

The family moved to Ferry Island in 1928. Because of a fire in 1932, they had to leave and were the last to live on Ferry Island.

George was born October 27, 1926 in Terrace and lived in Terrace until 2015 – 88 years.

He married Margaret Mile in the United Church in 1950 and had a family of four: Janice, Russell, Faye and Roger, all born in Terrace.

George has many fond memories living in Terrace, walking to school at the old Kalum School until Grade 8 and then went to work in the bush with Carl Muller, handfaller for Mr. Sande at the airport and then at Sande’s mill in town.

After 25 years working for Columbia Cellulose, he retired.