Aaron Benterud adds garbage he picked up at Garbathon to this year's pile in the dumpster at the McDonalds parking lot.

Garbathon cleans up

The city looks a lot prettier thanks to lots of volunteers

Garbathon volunteers nearly filled a dumpster and collected lots of metal plus two stoves and a couple of bathtubs.

Nearly 180 people were registered for the cleanup and did as much as they could.

But there’s still work to do.

“Many areas in the communities were not addressed due to lack of time and manpower,” said Val Parr from the Greater Terrace Beautification Society, which organized the event along with the city and SkeenaWild.

“We encourage all community members to get out and do a bit, such as pick up litter around their block, or business owners sweep up around their premises. Every little bit helps.”

McDonalds gave out free treats and a litterless salmon barbecue was held at Ferry Island for all participants afterward.