Caledonia art student Colton Sirling shows his artwork called Ignis et Grando.

From unused to art

Caledonia art students undertake a different kind of art project

Caledonia art students undertook a different kind of art project that’s now showing as part of the Youth Art Exhibition at the Terrace Art Gallery this month.

With an Arts Start grant titled “Art as Function,” students chose an everyday wooden object to paint.

They did everything from sanding and priming, creating a 2-D image, and re-creating it into their 3-D object.

And along the way they received help from artist Laura MacGregor, who said it was great to be able to talk to the students as an artist rather than as a teacher, working with them think of ways to do things.

The students’ pieces plus artwork from other local schools are on display at the art gallery through May 24.