Dancers excel at first Prince George festival

Spring break was a week of success for Sophia's Dance Studio as they braved the stage at the Prince George Dance Festival.

FIVE DANCERS from the senior class of Sophia’s Dance Studio

SPRING BREAK was a week of success for Sophia’s Dance Studio as they braved the stage at the Prince George Dance Festival.

A total of 13 dancers ranging from ages nine to 17 attended the festival performing solos, trios, and group dances.

The studio’s instructor, Molly McNulty, made the decision to attend the competition, which was a first for the studio and the dancers. It was an amazing opportunity for them, not only perform, but to observe some amazing talent from around the province.

“Each and every one of them did an amazing job, I’m very proud,” said McNulty. “There are always nerves before a performance, so to be able take that step out from behind the curtains and dance, especially on a stage you’re seeing for the very first time, is an amazing accomplishment in itself.”

McNulty felt that the festival would be a great chance for the dancers to practice their moves before the upcoming Pacific Northern Music Festival here in Terrace. PG festival adjudicators also provide invaluable feedback on technique and performance, which they can use before dancing here.

“So much effort goes into choreography, practicing, costumes etc. that to me it only makes sense to try and dance it as many times as possible. It takes more than one shot out on stage to really dance a dance, to embrace the choreography, the feeling, the story,” she said. “Although my dancers are practicing full-out in class, it is always different once you’re on the stage. There’s no mirror, no teacher. Just you, the stage, and the music.”

Dancers Kara Ternes, Cassie Horner, Emily Barron, Jordan Bowker, Nicole Booth, Amanda Eves, Rachelle Gray, Brenna Metzmeier, Caitlyn Seeley, Jaclyn Oleksewich, Haley Dhaliwal, Renya Brouwer and Kaylee Barron were all in attendance.

Trio of Dhaliwal, Brouwer and Kaylee Barron placed third with their dance entitled, “Cuban Pete”.

Metzmeier took home first place in her classical ballet solo entitled, “Comptine D’un Autre Ete” and the senior dancers jazz group, ” Walk”, took home third.

Rachelle Gray took third place in her jazz solo entitled, “Sun of a Gun.”

“I feel like I need to note that although it is so fantastic for the dances that placed, it is never about winning,” said McNulty. “Dance is very subjective, a winner can’t be decided upon by fastest time or number of tricks, and there’s only one adjudicator making the final decision. So I just want to stress that win or lose at the end of the day it is always about a dancer performing to the best of their abilities – which they all did!”