Dr. Mike Cooper

Cubs earn stars at weekend sleepover

Boys and girls in club learn skills for home, community and the natural world

Local cubs had a one night sleepover at the Cadet Hall recently while working on their blue and black stars.

Blue stars are for Home and Community. Blue Star activities provide basic knowledge and skills to ensure Cubs actively and positively contribute as members of their families and their local communities.

Black stars are for the Natural World. Black Star activities develop a Cub’s knowledge and skills of the natural world and understanding how it works.

Each year, leaders plan their program around the youths earning two stars. Cubs is a three year program and there are six stars to earn.  Youths who earn six stars get recognition and a plaque.  It takes commitment from the youths and the leaders.

At this camp, they did first aid, map reading, an airport tour and of course, campfire songs/skits/cheers, wide games, and general play.