Centennial Christian students took the morning off from their studies to go skating on Lakelse Lake at the picnic site Feb. 6.

Centennial students lace up their skates

The whole school got out of town to skate at the lake Thursday morning

Despite the blasting cold wind here in town, Centennial Christian students spent the morning skating on Lakelse Lake where it was a bit colder but not windy at all, making conditions just right at about -13 C.

It was the first time for the whole school to take the outing and students played hockey, skated around the lake and then headed for the beach for freshly made hot chocolate.

Classes of students had been out to the lake to skate in previous years but not everyone at once.

Staff had kept an eye on the lake ice to ensure it was safe enough for skating during the week and marked off the edges of the lake with cones for students to avoid.

Teachers and adults joined in with at least one playing hockey with students.

A small bus Centennial was using broke down outside the industrial park just outside Terrace but students had the bigger bus and several adults driving their vehicles so they could all get to the lake for the event.