FIFTEEN students make up the Centennial Christian School grad class this year. Back row from left to right: Liam Clunas, Chad MacDonald, Lucas Mantel, Evan Veldman, Markus Behnke, Patrick Campbell, Brayden Raposo and Nick Yasinchuk. Front row from left to right: Sophia Zanardo, Cynthia Cooper, Miranda Valmonte, Michelle Roseboom, Karina Terpstra, Katherine Ocsovai and Hazel McDaniel. Centennial Christian School photo

Centennial grads honoured

THE following Centennial Christian School 2017 grads received awards and scholarships.

Markus Behnke won the $500 CCS School Board Scholarship, a $300 Kumpolt Family Service and Sacrifice Scholarship, the $500 Voogd Family Theatre Arts Scholarship and the $500 Student Choice Scholarship.

Miranda Valmonte won the $500 C.C.S Staff Discipleship Scholarship, the $500 Social Justice and Responsibility Scholarship and the $500 Academic Excellence and Commitment Scholarship.

Michelle Roseboom won the $500 Trevor John Bandstra Memorial Scholarship, the $500 Heart and Hands Scholarship and the Mike and Lynn Whelpley Memorial Scholarship, also worth $500.

The Mantel Foundation Scholarship of $1000 was divided equally between Evan Veldman, Karina Terpstra and Michelle Roseboom.

Chad MacDonald won the $500 Home Hardware Trade/Vocational Scholarship.

Evan Veldman won the $500 CCS Athletic Scholarship.

Two Bandstra Transportation Scholarships of $500 were awarded to Karina Terpstra and to Katherine Ocsovai.

Liam Clunas won the $500 Student Volunteer and Contribution Scholarship and a $500 Trade/Vocational Scholarship.

Braydon Raposo also won a $500 Trade/Vocational Scholarship.The Mrs. V.A. Lindsay Memorial Scholarship of $300 went to Sophia Zanardo.

The $300 Lindsay Family Scholarship went to Patrick Campbell.

The $500 MESH Scholarship went to Lucas Mantel who also won the $500 KNH Industrial Supply Leadership Scholarship.

A $300 Kumpolt Family Service and Sacrifice Scholarship went to Hazel McDaniel who also won the $500 Science and Mathematics Scholarship.

The UNBC Scholars Award – offering four years of tuition – went to Nick Yasinchuk.