Cassie Hall students learn about the great outdoors

Program included planting vegetables and harvesting what they grew

KINDERGARTEN and Grade One students from two Cassie Hall Elementary classes developed a taste for the outdoors each Wednesday in May and June by visiting the property of Danna Haworth to learn about the forest, water, farm and garden.

“The children were excited to have the freedom to roam the acreage (under adult supervision) and climb trees, build forts, engage in imaginative play, water, plant and dig in the garden and of course, make mud pies,” said teacher Denise Tupman of the experiences of her students and those from Ms. Clent’s class.

“We noticed a big change from week one to week eight. Some students were fearful of many of the elements of the program but by the end of the two months, all the children were happily participating in all activities,” she said.

The last week of school students enjoyed a salad of lettuce, radishes and tomatoes from the garden and greenhouse. Some of the vegetables were started using grow lights at the school.

“It fits into our school theme of “Back to Basics, Back to the Land,” said Tupman.

When school resumes, the plan is to take the same group back to the property to harvest carrots, beets, grapes, potatoes, squash/pumpkins, onions, leeks, herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and peas, all of which were planted by students on the property or under school grow lights.

“We hope that we have fostered a life-long love for the outdoors and gardening in all of our students this year,” Tupman said.

Support came from parent volunteers and a donation by Canadian Tire.