Caledonia Class of 2011 celebrates

SOME OF the Caledonia grads of the Class of 2011 pose for a photo June 10. In back from left are Shamus Thone

THE CALEDONIA Senior Secondary Class of 2011 took time out from their studies to celebrate their graduation June 10.

After the students entered the REM Lee Theatre through the doors at the top of the auditorium, they walked one-by-one down the stairs to the stage where they sat for the ceremony.

The Cal school choir sang “O Canada” followed by speeches from city councillor/deputy mayor Brian Downie and Superintendent School District #82 Nancy Wells. Diplomas were handed out, followed by the choir singing “We Are the World” and speeches from class valedictorian Taymar Reed and Cal principal Cam MacKay.

Students threw their hats into the air and those who had bought tickets took school buses to Dry Grad at the arena where some of them partied until the wee hours of the morning.