Big Bad Wolf tries restorative justice

After a criminal trial, things still haven't been resolved between him and the Three Little Pigs so they'll try this at the farmers market

The Big Bad Wolf goes to a community justice forum to help mend his relationship with the Three Little Pigs at the Skeena Valley Farmers Market this Saturday, May 3.

On April 1st, “The” Big Bad Wolf was alleged to have destroyed the properties of The Three Little Pigs.

It was reported to Terrace RCMP, who forwarded three charges of mischief to Crown, who approved the charges.

The matter went to court on April 10th, however, resolving the matter in a criminal court could neither repair the damage to the victims’ houses, nor mend relationships between the parties.

The harm was real, and perhaps preventable, but another form of justice was needed to repair that harm caused on April 1st.

Restorative Justice is an alternative form of justice that involves the victims, the offenders, and the community in a non-adversarial approach. This is a method of socializing how the impacts of calamitous events can affect others.

“The Terrace Community Justice Forum Program allows for the Terrace RCMP to include the victim, community, and offender in a hands-on approach when dealing with crime,” says Const. Angela Rabut, Community Policing/Media Relations Terrace RCMP.

“We participate in community justice forums regularly, where offenders and victims work together by discussing the crime and developing a solution to the problem. Since the program’s resurgence in 2012, the RCMP has referred 38 incidents to the program.”

If the offender volunteers to be accountable for the harm, the process aims to facilitate restitution in relevant, reasonable, and realistic ways. Terrace Restorative Justice has trained facilitators that can mediate in a variety of restorative practices, such as, Community Justice Forums, Victim-Offender Mediation, Peace Making Circles, and Six-Step Conferencing. It also aims to encourage supportive and caring environments through advocacy and mentoring.

Services are offered to the community at no cost. Many forms of conflict can be facilitated at many stages of the grievance, whether it is a community or family dispute, bullying, a police diversion, or in pre and post charge sentencing.

If you have any questions about this service, or require a referral, please call the Program Coordinator Rodney Brown at 250-631-9907 or Constable Angela Rabut at 250-638-7429 or visit our website at

The Big Bad Wolf’s community justice forum will be held from 11 a.m. till 12 p.m. under the Spirit Square Band Shell, this Saturday, May 3.

It will be facilitated by Carla Gillis and Rodney Brown, both volunteers in the Terrace Restorative Justice Program.