2012 Skeena Valley Fall Fair results

THE REVITALIZED fall fair saw lots of entries in its many contests and here is the complete list of the winners.

Skeena Valley Fall Fair 2012 Entry Winners

•    Vegetables

•    Onions:  First:   Isabella  Lang; Second:  Alec Mitchell; Third: Ken Downs

•    Other bulb vegetables:  First:  Yvette Favron; Second:  Norma Kerby; Third: Sandy Watson

•    Fruit Vegetable:

i. Tomato:  First:    Betty Barton; Second:  Gerry Jackylock;  Third: Lisa Hamer

ii. Cucumber:  First:   Christine Eide; Second:   Betty Barton; Third: Bo Derkson

•     Pumpkin:  First:   Ken Adair; Second:   Jonah Gagnon; Third: Norma Kerby

•    Zucchini:  First:  Norma Kerby;  Second:   Mary Haigh; Third:  Christine Eide

•    Leaf Vegetable:  First:  Bonnie Schultz;  Second:  Norma Kerby; Third: Reece Babar

•    Beets:  First:  Sandy Watson; Second:   Gail Morrison; Third: Jessica Hogg

•    Carrots:  First:   Christine Eide; Second:  Lisa Hamer;  Third: Isaac Albert

•    Seed vegetables –  Beans and Peas:  First:   Judy Tessaro; Second:   Yvette Favron; Third: Christine Eide

•    Potatoes:  First:   Mary Haigh; Second:   Mary Haigh; Third: Norma Kerby; Solveig Adair

•    Herbs:  4 kinds:   First:   Reece Babar; Second:   Mary Haigh; Third: Alec Mitchell

•    Other:  First:  Betty Barton;  Second:   Mary Haigh; Third: Norma Kerby

•    Oddest-shaped vegetable:  People’s Choice:  First:  Betty Barton; Second:  Meghan Boules;  Third: Norma Kerby


•    Fruit

•    Apples:  First:  Solveig Adair;  Second:  Yvette Favron;  Third: Mary Haigh

•    Berries:  First:   Mary Haigh; Second:   Judy Tessaro; Third: Betty Barton

•    Stone Fruit – Plums, Peaches, Apricots:  First:   Caitlin Preston

•    Nuts grown in Skeena Valley:  First:   Norma Kerby

•    Most exotic fruit grown in Skeena Valley:  First:  Fiona Broome


•     Eggs

•     Largest chicken egg: First: Cheryl Pelletier;  Second:   Greg Ross; Third: Mary Haigh

•    Smallest chicken egg:  First: Angie Healey  Second:   Khanlarian Family; Third: Cheryl Pelletier

•    Oddest  egg – People’s Choice:  First:   Thayna Healey; Second:   Greg Ross; Third:  Khanlarian family


•     Flowers

•     Marigold:  First:   Connie Barton

•    Gladiolus:  First:   Magdala Chary

•    Dahlia:  First:  Anita Ziegler; Second:   Mary Haigh; Third: Judy Eisner

•    Sunflower:  First:   Greg Ross Second: Mary Haigh

•    Sweet Pea:  First & Second:   Marianne Weston; Third: Judy Eisner

•    Rose

i. Single:  First: Mary Haigh

ii. Grouping:  First:   Mary Haigh

•    Flowering Vine:  First:   Sara Albert

•    Any variety (single): First:   Connie Barton; Second:   Carol Laird

•    Any variety (grouping):  First:   Jemilla DeFreitas; Second:   Lisa Hamer

•    Mixed flower arrangement locally-grown flowers:  People’s Choice: First:  Mary Haigh

•    Tea-cup Bouquet:  People’s Choice:  First:   Judy Eisner


•     Canning/Drying

•     Fruit:  First:   Mary Haigh; Second:  Sara Albert; Third: Mary Haigh

•    Vegetable:  First:   Judy Eisner

•    Pickles: First:   Dorothy Barton; Second:  Judy Tessaro; Third:  Brenda & Amy Parfitt

•    Fish: First: Mary Haigh

•    omit

•    Jams & Jellies: First & Second:   Judy Tessaro; Third: Brenda & Amy Parfitt

•    Most Unusual Canning – People’s Choice:  First:   Anita HeHhh Hein;  Second:   Third:

•    Dried:

ii.     Fruit:  First:   Kim Woodd


•      Honey

First:   Rudi Peters; Second:  Yvette Favron


•     Home Baking

•    Cakes:  First:   Isaac Albert; Second:  Kallie Albert  Third: Sara Albert.

•    Pies:  First:  Kallie Albert

•    Cookies:  First:   Gayle Holtom; Second:   Isaac Albert; Third: Michele & Steve Prouse

•    Squares:  First:  Michele & Steve Prouse;  Second: Amber Hansen

•    Breads:  First:  Cathy Vanderberg; Second:   Meredith Skimson

•    Sweet Breads:  First:   Cathy Vanderberg; Second:   Meta Westerhof; Third:Melanie Auxander


•     Arts and Crafts

a.     Painting: First:  Dorothy-Agatha Jedrzejczyk; Second:   John Roders; Third: Mangala Chary

b.    Drawing: First:  Michele & Steve Prouse; Second:   Julia Prouse; Third: Webb Family

c.     Collage: First:   Mangala Chary; Second:  Maria Ringma; Third: Eryn Struyk

d. Woodworking:  First:   Angie Healey; Second:   Greg Misner ; Third: Magdalene Vandenburg

e. Paper based creations: First:  Caitlin Preston; Second:   Kim Woodd

f. Jewelry: First:   Valerie Preston; Second:  Kim Woodd; Third: Norma Kerby

g. Up-cycled: most creative re-use of material to make something new – People’s Choice:  First:   Brenda Parfit; Second:   Joan Conway; Third:  Mangala Chary

h.     Other: metal craft, felting, etc:  First:   Finley Hayes


9. Local Craft and Nature Finds

b.    Cedar Bark Craft: hat, roses, baskets, etc.: First:   Peter Thomas McKay; Second:   Colby Bowles


10. Quilting

a.    Strip Piecing:  First:  Monique Malenfant;  Second:  Helen Hoffman; Third: Patricia Weissner

c.    Applique:   First:   Caitlin Preston; Second:  Valerie Preston; Third: Sarah Jane Railton

d.    Best of Quilting—People’s Choice:  First:   Helen Hoffman; Second:   Caitlin Preston; Third:  Patricia Weissner.


11. Needle Arts

b.   Knitting/Crochet: First:  Dolores Devost;  Second:  Anita Hein;  Third:  Valerie Preston

c.   Needlework: First:  Monique Malenfant;  Second:   Helen Hoffman; Third: Val Preston

d.   Sewing:  First:  Barbara Tetz;  Second:   Meghan Bowles; Third: Cecile Favron

Best of Needle Arts—People’s Choice:  First:   Anita Hein;  Second:   Monique Malenfant; Third:   Helen Hoffman


12. Pottery

b.     Bowl: First:   Jude Hardcastle; Second:   Meghan Bowles

c.     Other:  First:  Jude Hardcastle

Best of Pottery—People’s Choice:  Jude Hardcastle


13. Writing

b.     Poetry:  First:  Andre Favron;   Second:   Webb Family


14. Best Scarecrow

First:   Sofia Hogg-Perry


15. Zucchini Racing

a.    Fastest:  Isaac & Kallie Albert

b.    Furthest:  Isaac & Kallie Albert

c.     Best Decorated – People’s Choice:  Kayden Downs


16.  Photography

a.  People: First: Heather Hayes; Second: Heather Laine  Third:  Thayna Healey

b. Animals: First: Todd Bellamy;  Second: Cori Hamilton; Third:  Heather Laine

•    Landscape:  First: Heather Hayes; Second:  Todd Bellamy


Just for Children

People’s Choice:

a.    Vegetable Creation: First:   Hannah & Leila Francoeur; Second:   Gianna Tetz; Third: Thayna Healey

b.   Smallest Vegetable:  First:    Zyan Healey;  Second:  Meghan Bowles;  Third: Kallie Albert.

c.    Biggest Vegetable:  First:   Little Timbers Family Daycare;  Second:   Isaac Albert

•     Lego Creation:  James Boulier

f.  Contents of Little Red Riding Hood’s Basket to take to Grandma’s House:  Thayna Healey