Courtney Krumm and his wife Judi are running Terrace's newest

The newest restaurant with an old twist opens

Terrace's newest diner The Grill & Chill offers all of the classics from a malt milkshake to cheesy poutine.

The Grill & Chill is one of Terrace’s newest restaurants. Located in the All West Glass Plaza, the just-over-a-month-old classic diner is one of the only places to get a true malt milkshake and a poutine.

The Flight Deck’s owner, Kathleen Finnie, was approached by Courtney Krumm and his wife Judi with an intriguing idea to slow fast food down. Finnie was seeking a new business opportunity and she liked the Krumm’s idea of a ’50s inspired diner and the Grill & Chill was born.

“She [Finnie] basically brought my wife and I over to her place and handed us the keys and said, ‘there’s your place, do your idea and see what happens,’” Krumm said. “It’s our dream coming true so-to-speak.”

Krumm and his wife wanted to create a friendly and bright environment that would reflect the times when kids really enjoyed going to diners and splitting chips and gravy while listening to the jukebox – which Krumm is also looking to add to the restaurant.

“You see a lot of the older generation sharing milkshakes like they used to do when they were teenagers,” he said. “It’s a fun thing.”

The restaurant is still in its infancy and they are still looking for more employees, but it’s already getting busy, mostly from word-of-mouth and customer reviews online.

A grand opening party is currently being planned—the parking lot will be filled with classic cars and bellies will be filled 6 oz. homemade burgers and bacon ranch poutine.

“It’s all about doing the classics—getting back to the old diner style,” Krumm said.