Motel’s new owner tackles renovation

Alpine Inn near the old bridge in Terrace is getting fixed up this summer

Maz Contracting crew poses outside of Terrace job.

THE Alpine House Motel on Lakelse Ave has been purchased by Sutha Nada of Coquitlam, B.C. for $400,000 and is being converted into a Rest Inn, the fifth outlet in his growing franchise.

Nada is fixing up the old motel on Lakelse Ave. leading east of the city centre toward the old bridge with a $900,000 project that includes new floors, furniture, redone walls, and glassed-in balconies.

“I live four days a week in Terrace and three in Vancouver. That’s my life right now,” Nada said.

Next stop is Prince Rupert, where he wants to open up another motel.

Rest Inn Terrace will have 29 rooms once renovations are complete.

Nada also wants to add more parking and is also contemplating building condos, but both of those ideas hinge on purchasing a lot with unmaintained empty house to the east of the motel. He said an offer to purchase the property was turned down.

The renovation schedule calls for completion this summer. It began with removing fixtures and finishings.

The rooms of long-stay clients, most of whom are here for work, will be renovated last.

An out-of-town company called Maz Contracting has been brought in for the work. Some of the new features will include glassed-in balconies and rough-tile floors around the exterior as well as new walls placed over what is currently pained cinderblock on the interior.

This is the third hotel or motel development underway or announced in Terrace this year. The Sunshine Inn development on Highway 16 beside Kalum Tire is now approved by the city and Superior Lodgings of Calgary wants to build on the old Co-op lands owned by the city.